Facial acupuncture


What happens?

Very fine acupuncture needles (which are sterile and disposable) are inserted at the points needed for your facial lines.  A gentle electric current is then passed across the needles for 10-20 minutes - you will be in charge of the dial to control the exact level of the current.  As well as the needles used for the electroacupuncture additional needles may be inserted along the lines themselves.  The effect after the first treatment may not be dramatic, but over several treatments most people see a positive change.

How does it feel?

It's an odd sensation, it feels a bit twitchy.  People usually don't find it painful, but like many cosmetic techniques it can be uncomfortable.  Also you should know that it's occasionally possible to get a small bruise where one of the needles was, which would takes a few days to fade, so it's best not done the day before a hot date or a job interview!


How much does it cost?

Duration: 30 mins

Cost: 30


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